Website Designing and Website Development - What Are the Significant Differences?

Website Designing and Website Development are two very important aspects of web development which is visual. The designers initially create a graphic design in their head and then depict it on the site that ought to convey the appropriate message or idea to your users. Website designing is basically the layout of the ideas on the site.

Website Designers are the guys who create the layout on the site. It's their job to make it visually appealing to the viewers so that they will spend their time on the site. Website Designers can either be freelance or permanent employees. It is the trend these days to hire permanent developers as they are better at designing and can work on different projects. Web developers are hired to do various tasks like coding, database designing, graphics, web server programming, etc.

While web designing and web development goes hand in hand, website designing mostly deals with the coding. There are many elements which are coded in the HTML code. They are Meta tags, header tags, keywords, links, image tags, form tags, etc. This is what makes a website look attractive to a viewers. A lot of time and attention goes into the coding.

A designer usually has the knowledge about web languages like CSS, HTML, ASP, Java, PHP, etc. They also know the best ways of coding for websites. Web designers are not the only ones who can develop a website. There are several companies who need web developers for their work but before they hire one, they will first have to decide on which company to get their services from.

As it was said earlier, there are a number of ways to design a website and the way that a client wants to have his/her website designed and developed. Most websites are designed as a Miva, Dreamweaver or FrontPage. Since they are the most popular programs, a lot of developers make use of them. However, there are a number of other options available. Some companies hire web designers and developers by outsourcing their work. This saves them a lot of time and money since they don't have to spend time hiring a freelance web designers.

When it comes to the difference between websites designed in HTML and other similar programs, there are a few significant differences. First of all, web designers and developers make use of codes instead of HTML tags. HTML tags are significant because they make the contents of the website easy to read. A HTML tag can add a number of features like icons, text boxes and a lot more. On the other hand, using HTML tags can create a significant difference in the appearance of websites.

Another thing that proves the significance of HTML is that websites can be seen in a variety of browsers. This is completely different from websites designed in Dreamweaver and other similar programs. The latter are only designed for a specific browser, whereas the former are compatible with different versions of the major browsers. If you are planning to make your own site in Dreamweaver, you can see a lot of similarities between your site and websites made in HTML. However, when it comes to website building and website development, these HTML sites look totally different.

One of the most important things that prove the significance of HTML is that it makes website designing and website development a lot easier. However, if you want your site to be unique, then you should do it the right way and avoid HTML. This will surely give you a unique site that will surely captivate the attention of your visitors.


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