Top 2022 Plugins for Wordpress Websites

If you're running a Wordpress website, you've probably heard of some of the popular plugins. Here are some of my favorites: Related Posts Plugin, UpdraftPlus, page builder, CoSchedule, Rank Math, and more! I hope you enjoy them! We'll be discussing more plugins in future articles! For now, let's focus on these top options.

YARPP is a related posts plugin

YARPP is a WordPress related posts plugin that can prioritize titles, tags, and body text of a post. When displaying related posts on a page, you can choose to show them as thumbnails or a list. You can also customize the related post list to appear as a feed. YARPP was initially released in 2007 but was briefly delisted from the WordPress repository in 2019. The problem was resolved in version 4.5, which was released after the plugin developer, Jay Meattle, bought the plugin. You can download both versions for free.

YARPP is a Wordpress related posts plugin that lets you customize its appearance by offering an unlimited number of configurations. This means you can customize the look and feel of the related posts on your website. You can also change the algorithm used to pull the related content. You can even place related content wherever you want. The plugin is a free download, and comes with a one-year support.

UpdraftPlus is a page builder

If you have a WordPress website, you may want to consider installing UpdraftPlus. This page builder allows you to create and store backups of your website. You can select a local storage location or use the remote location. The app will back up both your files and database and allow you to schedule when these backups will be made. You can even schedule when your backups will be made automatically, so you'll never lose your work.

The UpdraftPlus dashboard contains links to the UpdraftPlus plugin and its support page. The plugin has a comprehensive knowledge base, with FAQs and tutorials. There is a free version of the plugin, but you can also upgrade to premium features. A premium plan costs $70 for the first year, and $42 per year after that. You can also find many upgrade options, including external storage services, automatic backups, multisite/network support, and SFTP backup.

CoSchedule is a project management plugin

If you're looking for a project management plugin for your Wordpress website, you've come to the right place. CoSchedule allows you to schedule content, publish it, upload resources, and more. You can also customize the marketing calendar with ease. This tool requires a CoSchedule account, but you can get a 14-day trial. The free version allows you to use it for one project, but you'll want to upgrade to the premium version if you're going to use it for many projects.

CoSchedule allows you to manage multiple projects and collaborate with team members. The plugin also allows you to control access to documents and collaborate with collaborators. You can also send email notifications when clients upload files, and you can download all project documents in a ZIP file. You can assign each team member a specific role to view and edit files. In addition, you can force them to download files assigned to them.

Rank Math is a new plugin in the space

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that provides search analytics to your website. It can help you optimize your website for search engines. It checks many things, including the performance of your site, the security of your server, and how many people are searching for your keyword. It also displays data on search volume and competition. It puts various options and checklists on the WordPress admin bar. The basic SEO section and additional section of Rank Math check whether the keyword appears in your URL, meta description, subheadings, ALT text, and internal links.

Rank Math offers an extensive list of SEO features. Using the intuitive interface and setup wizard, you can configure Rank Math quickly and easily. You can even use it as a beginner without knowing too much about SEO. The free version of Rank Math comes with helpful default settings and is a good starter for those who are just starting out. Its clean and colorful dashboard makes it easier to use and makes it a breeze to use.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for Wordpres websites. It integrates seamlessly with most WordPress themes and is compatible with most payment gateways. Users have the option to create custom payment pages for their stores, and many of the supported payment gateways include PayPal, BACS, and cash on delivery. WooCommerce also features a REST API for seamless scalability. The plugin is free to install and use.

WooCommerce makes handling taxes simple. It's built for selling products on the internet, and it simplifies the handling of tax rates. It lets you specify major tax rates, control the tax rate assigned to shipping costs, and calculate custom tax rates. This means you can easily set up tax rates and manage your inventory. WooCommerce also supports many popular payment gateways and allows for shipping costs and taxes to be calculated automatically.

BlogVault is a backup plugin

If you have a large website and want to back it up on a regular basis, BlogVault is a great option. Its backup feature allows you to store up to 365 days' worth of backups, which is more than most backup plugins offer. The backups are also encrypted, making them safe and secure. You can use BlogVault on both small and large websites, and it will integrate seamlessly into any WordPress theme or plugin.

After downloading and installing BlogVault, you will need to configure its settings. The first step involves entering the FTP host name and type of hosting service. The next step is to provide FTP credentials, which allow BlogVault to access the desired location. Once you have entered your login details, the plugin will ask you to input an email address and submit. After the email verification is complete, you will see the Dashboard.


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