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Have you ever felt like your current home office desk setup was already okay, was fine but thought that your productivity might increase only if you had that new awesome home office setup with LED gaming Lights and created a YouTube video about it so you can buy it, cash it as company expense and say that is for Content!

If you have felt the same way and want to see me changing my home office just to make it look kind of the same, do continue reading and hopefully to get bored and just click to our YouTube Video. LOL!

Just an Introduction, we are TekHive where we do tech related things, product reviews, IT do it yourself or sorta kinda tech stuff like this.

It is the end of 2020 and a lot of things that we though were temporary is now starting to become norm, including facemask, washing your hands, elbow greetings, people fogging up their glasses while wearing a face mask and more obviously working from home.

To be honest, my current setup is already okay and can accommodate my most basic task, this was more of optimizing me & my wife’s home office space as before I was the only person that had an office table, but I would like for her to have her own space. So, for Christmas! I asked my wife to buy me an office table! LOL (Facepalm!)

Yeah, yeah, I can hear it from the comments, I should have bought my wife an office setup! But she wanted a Fancy Winter Coat so I’ll upgrade my setup so that she can upgrade also hers.

So, a basic flashback! Disclaimer we upgrade our home office setup around 2nd week of December 2020 with my business partner. It took us kinda like 5 hours for just this! Hahahaha! It was so complicated but the finish product was great.

At the right side of my desk centers my architect lamp that incorporates my love for making notes, a writing space for my daily to do list and diarizing my meeting & schedules. This is also a space for my fake IKEA Plant coz a real one is so hard to keep alive and an Italian model Moped, a Gift from my wife from 4 years ago before we got married. Besides this is my Nebula Projector that I use a Bluetooth speaker of for hosting a meeting at our home office. Above this are some art I hanged on the wall just to keep it interesting.

At the Centre of my desk focuses on my main computing. Basically where all the magic happens. For my peripherals I am using MSI DS200 Gaming Mouse & DS42000 Gaming Keyboard. These are low budget gaming equipment that I have been using since 2017 when I was still an amateur gamer. Below these is my brand new ReaWul LED Gaming Mat that I just recently added to my setup just to tie in the corporate slash gaming vibe. Just above that is my One Piece Collectibles (Boa Han*bleep and Rob Luchi) place nice and snug next to my JBL Portable Bluetooth speaker, and my pc wireless controller. As you go up you are greeted with my 32 inch HP32s IPS Monitor in which is really not that great with gamin as is only capable of 60Hz refresh rate however for the price of £120 pounds when I bought it last year during boxing day. It was all worth it as I can use the for all my writing and entertaining purposes.

At the left of my desk boast my company issues T450 laptop which I adore as for its age you wouldn’t be able to tell as it still performs so well for all my employee functions. Besides, it is my MSI Wired Gaming headset that I have replaced the head bands and ear muffs a couple of times now since I got it 3 years ago. And above all of this action is my wife’s old 32 inch TV that she had for years now but is to old and small to be used as a TV however is great to be used as a dashboard for network and server monitoring or displaying time. “

All in all this setup gives me now the space I need for optimal productivity to work from home and honestly is far way better than my day job’s desk setup.

So, That’s that! Thank you for staying up to the end of this blog. As a reward I will introduce myself, my name is Ralph, I am an IT Professional with over 15 years of experience across different industries and multiple countries. I recently decided to start my own I.T. Company, TEKHIVE, so if you’re in need of I.T. Professionals to assist your company or just need a handy dandy IT guy for your work from home setup. Do contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

And if you’re just one of those regular chaps that just want to build their own productivity desk, the products are written below. And to everybody else If you’ve enjoyed this blog, do let us know from the comments below what part of it you enjoyed, And again, Thank you! And This is TekHive, where “WE MAKE I.T. HAPPEN!”


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