Rangers FC Supporters Associations

Representing over 145 Rangers Supporters Clubs and equating to over 8,000 supporters, the Rangers FC Supporters Association will confidently and professionally provide a coherent, strong, and united voice. ensuring that our member clubs voices are not only heard on the stands of Ibrox park, but also in the board room of our beloved Rangers Football Club.

The Rangers FC Supporters Association was founded in 1946 in Glasgow to promote, support and advocate for Rangers Supporters Clubs across the United Kingdom and further afield. We are the oldest and largest democratic and independent Rangers Supporters Group worldwide, run by unpaid volunteers whose focus is on operational issues associated with the running of a Rangers Supporters Club. The Rangers FC Supporters Association Regular meetings with directors of Rangers Football Club to convey the feedback from the member clubs. The Association’s goals include promoting closer and efficient interaction amongst Rangers Supporters Clubs including operational and social functions.



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