Frequently Asked Question

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What are the Products/Services we offered?

TEKHIVE is an I.T. Consultancy firm which provides the following services/ Web solutions: 1. Cloud Solutions and Services
- Cloud Server Hosting
- Cloud Back Ups
- Business Email Hosting
- Website Hosting and Development
- Web and App Security 2. On Premise and Data Centre Solutions
- Application and File Server Implementation
- Network Implementation and Optimization
- Enterprise Security
- Structured Cabling Systems 3. Cyber Security Services-
- Firewall and Web Filter Solutions
- Penetration Test Services
- Cloud Security Solutions
- Security Cameras 4. Personal Computing and I.T. Desktop Support
- Computer Services
- Work From Home Security Solutions
- Smart Home Services
- Personalized Email and Websites

What is the price for each product/ service?

Each service fee is unique and bespoke. It is relative to the range and depth of the specific service/s based on individual client needs. TEKHIVE gives the price quotation after a free discovery call-consultation with the client.

For websites, what are the features and functionalities available in the service offering? Will there be additional cost for these?

For website services, TEKHIVE evaluates the client’s business and I.T.-related needs, and gives recommendations in these three domains: Website Content, Website Design + Structure, and Website Functionalities.

Do you offer maintenance service? does it inclued in my plan?

The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.

Are there product/service packages? What are included in each package?

What platforms can be used for websites aside from Wix?

TEKHIVE is a WIX and IONOS- partner agency. Hence, TEKHIVE may opt to use other platforms in website design and development if WIX cannot suffice the client’s required business needs and website functionalities. TEKHIVE has used WORDPRESS—an open source website platform, together with a drag and drop tool— ELMENTOR for designing.

How is an e-commerce website distinguishable from others?

E-commerce website is the premium type offered at TEKHIVE. It is considered e-commerce when selling/ purchasing function is required/ included.

How does the process for each project begin? What requirements should be prepared? How about the timeline?

Each project is unique and bespoke, therefore each timeline will be different from another. Based on TEKHIVE’s experience and collaboration with former client-partners, the usual timeline for a project is a 4-week period (subject to service/s availed). Each project begins with the “free” DISCOVERY CALL-CONSULTATION, with these requirements/ queries for discussion:
- Name and Nature of Business/ Company/ Organization
- Design Aspects Required
- Preferred Functionalities
- Content, Text and Photos Required-
- Timeline for the Project
- Reference Website/s for Preferred Vibe/ Look/ Theme The client commits with TEKHIVE for the project by settling the initial payment (for discussion, depending on service/s availed). TEKHIVE TEAM works closely and hands-on with each client. In each week (for an approximately 4-week project), the team schedules at least one meeting/ communication (online or in person) with the client for discussions, updates, and follow-ups. Before the project ends in the final week, a free training and formal turnover session shall be conducted. Final payment shall be settled after the turnover.