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Enterprise Web Design Package

A package for businesses with complex products or services.

This package is for businesses that may have a longer sales cycle (e.g. B2B) because the products or services are high-value or harder to appreciate in detail. They may be technically complex and will require to be carefully presented to be easily understood and differentiated from competitors.

Who is this for?

Enterprise  websites

Industrial websites have specialist content and a complex range of products and services.

Manufactoring websites

Manufacturing websites need product and service definition and differentiation.

Science and technology

Science and technology websites have photography and content clarity challenges.

B2B businesses

A b2b website is a website for a business whose target audience are other businesses.

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Enterprise package

A look at the
Enterprise package

The Industrial website is customized to a high degree so that the specifics of your proposition are clear and detailed. There is a great deal of customer service and whilst templates may be used, the process is heavily content-driven.

Package inclusions

Premium template

Page builder

6 main pages

WooCommerce setup

1 blog / news function

2 footer pages

60 days warranty

1 year free hosting

Website features

Well integrated content

Style guide

Photography and icons

Project guidance


Behind the scenes

A look under
the hood

Our websites are built to a high standard. We use WordPress which is the industry standard. The website is yours to keep and you are free to improve it after its built. They are constructed with ease of maintenance, SEO and digital marketing in mind.

Behind the scenes

Premium construction

Easy to add, easy to edit

Optimised for fast loading

Basic SEO included

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Website features

Many advanced features but its also easy enough for you to manage.

Your website comes with many advanced features but its also easy enough for you to manage. It also comes with a 6 month warranty and 1 year free hosting

Mobile friendly

Your website will adjust to fit the device screen size automatically. This includes smart phones, tablets and desktops. Its mobile responsive.

SEO software

Loaded into your website are the tools needed to take the next steps into SEO which will help your web pages rank higher.

Easy to expand

After launch, you can keep in improving your website. Its easy because because its built on industry standard WordPress.

Advanced editor

There is a drag and drop page builder and editor. You can add new sections, pages and functions very easily, without coding.

6 month warranty

Upon launch, the website will be under warranty for 6 months against bugs and software errors that may arise.

Easy to maintain

Websites need regular maintenance but its easy and you can do it yourself or we can maintain your website for you.

Basic SEO setup

Your website is ready for the search engines. We set up basic SEO for you so your website will appear on Google.

1 year free hosting

All website packages come with 1 years free hosting with Starfish’s managed hosting service. This includes set up and launching.

Fast loading pages

Websites are tweaked to load quickly. Speed affects search engine ranking. We also have a post-launch speed optimization service.

Our design process

make websites as affordable as possible

Our goal is to make websites as affordable as possible without compromising on quality.

To meet our goal, our design process is simple: we focus on the content first, layout second and traditional design aspects last. This results in a cleaner, crisper and easier to understand website.

Benefits of our design process

Users stay longer.

Content SEO friendly.

Fast loading.

Quality design.

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Web design services

We provide a full range of complementary services to make sure you get the best website possible.

Your website comes with many advanced features but its also easy enough for you to manage. It also comes with a 6 month warranty and 1 year free hosting

Competitive Analysis

We look at your competition and further afield. A competitive analysis gives you assurances that you're doing it right.


There are so many level to branding. Take your first steps to develop a unique brand identity with Starfish and build it up piece by piece.

Graphics and illustrations

Photography and graphics visually bring a website to life. We have graphic designers to help make logos and illustrations.


Wireframing is visual planning. We make many types of wireframes to ensure your content and design make sense.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is integral to all websites we make. There are so many parts to a modern website that its simply obligatory.

Content Planning

There are so many pieces of content that need to go into a well-constructed website. Content planning speeds up that process.

Photography research

Finding the perfect photo for your website takes time and effort. This service will help you choose the right photos for your website.

Speed optimization

The speed of your website is important for SEO and user experience. Our website speed optimization service takes care of this.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Promote your business and make it easy to find on the search engines. Get help with our Digital marketing and SEO services.