We assist our clients in implementing their own On-Premise Application or File Server that will adapt to their requirements and use-case.

We will create, support and implment servers bespoke to each of our client's use case & budget and roll out Web Servers, Application Servers, Database Servers, or even security appliance like your own VPN Server & Active Directory Server.  Our team are also enthusiast of building private game platforms like CSGO & MineCraft Servers

We can spin up your on premise servers that is basic, general purposed, CPU-Optimised and Memory optimised that can support any of your development, building, testing and will grow with your application as you scale your business. 

  • 99.99% Server Uptime SLA

  • Global Availability

  • Support Multiple Operating Systems from Windows to Linux Environments.


We create and provide our clients with On-Premise Performance Optimised Networks that maintains efficient access and network operability of company resources, such as business critical applications.  


We will implement bespoke network performance strategies within our clients's network to provide enhanced performance, accessibility and an increase in functionality. We archive this by sofware and harware optimisation on local or remote network and individual servers accross a single or multiple sites.

With a performanace optimised network, our clients can increase the flexibility and scalability of their networks while at the same time decreasing maintenance time and cost of upkeep of underutilised machines.

Our Services are tailored and best fits individual conslutants to small enterprise or start up companies.  



We will assist you with protecting your networks and information systems from intrusion, theft and malicious activities by providing your company with On Premise Enterprise Security.


We provide our clients with experience with both software and hardware firewalls and help them configure it at all levels. With an enormous range of IT Security products availalable on the market, picking the right one for our clients can be a daunting task. We will assist with the best possible solution and help you avoid any unnessary cost and complexity.


Our solutions include;

  • Enterprise Firewall Implementation & Configuration;

  • Web Filter Implementation & Configuration;

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server Implementation & Configuration;

  • Active Directory (AD) Server Implementation & Configuration



We currently offer advance knowledge of Wiring and Cabling Infrastructure. From telephone services to transmitting data for your computer network.

Our Structured Cabling will provide you the wiring infrastructure that rune thoughout your building and offices that provides your data, telecommunications, voice, security, VOIP, and many other internet and computer network services. It includes everythings from wall plates and jacks, to the wiring ethernet ports and other hadware connections.

We provide our clients with neat, organised and timely cabling solutions for their offices and data centre environments.